ERCOT Price Gouging

Welcome to the Deregulated State of Texas! During the crisis brought on by government failure and capitalism last week in Texas that caused millions of people to suffer in freezing temperatures and suffer without water, some Texans received egregious electricity bills. I found the historical data on Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) settlement point prices here. ERCOT manages the power grid system in Texas. According to the Quick Facts from ERCOT, “it also performs financial settlement for the competitive wholesale bulk-power market and administers retail switching for seven million premises in competitive choice areas.

Unemployment Claims COVID-19

In this post I am visualizing and analyzing the unprecedented increase in the number of unemployment claims filed in the US after the lockdown due to COVID 19 pandemic. I am retrieving the data from the tidyquant package (Dancho & Vaughan, 2020). library(CausalImpact) library(tidyverse) library(scales) library(tidyquant) ICSA Data Initial unemployment claims from the first date available, 1967: icsa_dat <- "ICSA" %>% tq_get(get = "", from = "1967-01-07") %>% rename(claims = price) glimpse(icsa_dat) ## Rows: 2,790 ## Columns: 3 ## $ symbol <chr> "ICSA", "ICSA", "ICSA", "ICSA", "ICSA", "ICSA", "ICSA", "ICSA"… ## $ date <date> 1967-01-07, 1967-01-14, 1967-01-21, 1967-01-28, 1967-02-04, 1… ## $ claims <int> 208000, 207000, 217000, 204000, 216000, 229000, 229000, 242000… icsa_dat %>% ggplot(aes(x = date, y = claims)) + geom_line(color = "blue") + scale_y_continuous(labels = comma) + labs(x = "Date", y = "Claims", subtitle = "As of June 29, 2020") + ggtitle("Unemployment Claims: 1967 to 2020") + theme_bw() Comparison to 2008 Recession In the graph below, I only selected 2008 to 2020.

Nepal Earthquake

I wanted to analyze the data from the April 2015 Nepal earthquake that resulted in around 10,000 deaths. I am using a dataset that I found in The data contains date, time, location and magnitude of the earthquake and the many aftershocks that followed. The data is updated as of June 2, 2015. Nepal is my birthplace, my homeland. The earthquake was an extremely traumatic event for people who live there.